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12.05 2017 - 6.08 2017


Katarzyna Chrzanowska

Katarzyna Chrzanowska interesserer seg for håndverket som tradisjon, og har i flere prosjekter utfordret materialets muligheter. Hun utforsker kontrastene mellom det menneskeskapte og naturens egen geometri. I denne utstillingen, som består av objekter i porselen og steingods, setter kunstneren fokus på samspillet mellom det som er skjørt og det som er solid. Hun er utdannet ved Academy of Art and Design, Institutt for keramikk og glass i 2010, Wroclaw (Polen).


The aesthetics of Katarzyna Chrzanowska´s biomorphic sculptures are the result of an artistic practice that seeks to explore, experiment and master the balancing act between intended and experienced contrasts. The opposites of light and dark, sharp and soft, the imaged versus that which can be realised with the materials of porcelain and stoneware are exposed and revealed.

The artist says this about her approach to her work: I have chosen to work and experiment with porcelain and stoneware. Those materials depicture a contrast between their colors, structures, esthetic and work process. Porcelain is soft, white and kind of demanding material, stoneware is harsh and dark. Both of them are fragile, but after firing extreme durable. It is a constant play between the strength and the softness. Work with both of them allows me to create divergent forms with the adequate finish.

In being contrary there is also room for playfulness and falibility which opens up and invites the view to engage in the implied intentions and constructed details of the work.  Geometry in the nature, sharp edges and arched lines inspire Chrazanowska´s work as an artist. With these objects she invites the viewer to engage with the contrasts of multidimensional material details.