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25.05 2018 - 5.08 2018

Pauliina Pöllänen


Physical and present, Pöllänen´s ceramic sculptures portray human body, or rather the fragments of it, in a transformative fashion. Limbs, joints and stems mutate into surreal parts that embody the whole in non-flexible way. Hollow with voids, the sculptures have the potential to contain and function as bodily vessels. The bodies become objects and objects become bodies, slipping back and forth between the two. What one projects, reflects, or can associate from them, makes them function as containers for specific energy. Existing as real things, the objects depict decisions which stretch both the material and personal limitations of the artist. Inspired by distant times (either imaginary or historical), works take on referential specificity and then lose it, leaving space for doubt. While resonating with bodies and their absence, the anthropomorphic shapes hold on.

Pauliina Pöllänen (b. 1983) is known for her bodily ceramics sculptures, combining abstract expression with anthropomorphic forms. The upcoming exhibition is the artist’s first solo exhibition since the Half Full in the Designmuseum in Finland 2017. Pöllänen graduated from Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo in 2012 and was a resident artist at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2016.